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The White Horse Meet 13-15 July 2018
Phew, it was hot!

As usual, we had a great turn out so thank you to everyone who came along to the White Horse meet.

We had some great fun - not least sitting outside chatting well into the night, we also had some difficult times, finishing the weekend off with the racecourse catching fire! Fortunately, nothing whatsoever to do with us and put out by the fire brigade reasonably swiftly.

Our intended fun dog show was put on hold as it was simply too hot to parade the hounds, and although looking forward to seeing the non-canine entries, I can safely say Zoe Haworth was chasing the 'prettiest bitch' title as she sauntered around in her bikini top! You see, our balloon meets are not just about balloons, we get up to all sorts of fun.

We also had lots of friendly competition with pilots chasing the White Horse on the hill above Kilburn. I am sure she trotted off in the opposite direction with all those balloons aiming for her, however, the ultimate winner was Phil Howarth, who didn't gloat at all!

Keep that trophy safe, Mr Howarth, it'll be coming home to Yorkshire next year!!!

Over and out.
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