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Bowes and Bells
We are now on site, and NEARLY flew this morning......
Saturday Morning; Beautiful blue skies, no mist, and Kevin Graham rigged his basket, Graham Cannon and Peter Haworth nearly opened their trailer, and all was looking good, but the wind decided to pick up so mission aborted.
Until the next instalment folks, stay safe....

Saturday Evening; As promised folks, the next thrilling instalment of BALLOONATICS, an everyday tale of a everyday aeronauts.

Well, not quite everyday tales, as we flew today, which is a bonus at a balloon meet. Messrs Graham and Traviss took to the skies in the Ultramagic B70, and Messrs Cannon and Haworth followed in the Cameron Concept 80.

And then we barbequed enough sausages to fill our tums and a few more, and chatted, drunk drinks, and chatted, and drunk some more drinks until the sun had well and truly gone to bed.

A lovely, happy, friendly evening, just as it should be.

Tune in next time......

Sunday Afternoon; The final instalment of Balloonatics, an everyday tale of everyday aeronauts.

We closed the Bowes and Bells meet with a final get together this morning. The quiz was honesty marked and as the answers were revealed the theme of bows, Bowes, Bell, bells and Barnard Castle soon became very apparent. Mike and Mary Bellamy won the quiz, team Chau Bella won the booby prize (a pack of dummies) and team Traviss also won a booby prize of a poncho for a very wet attempt. It later turned out that Mr and Mrs Haworth were picking the brains of Judith and Alan who own Broaches Farm - our venue for the weekend. Didn't help in the end as Team Chau Bella couldn't have come any lower down the rankings!
So, we all packed up, pondered how we were going to get out of the site, speed in was favoured, but speed out wasn't an option.
Janice would be very relieved to know that Alex recreated her water feature of two years ago, joint honours!
And finally, Team Chau Bella lifted the Bowes and Bells bell trophy for landing the closest to a bell (and not one taken with them!)

Until the next time........

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