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The PRBA on the TV - From Thurs 15th Feb BBC4 9pm
The programme with our balloons was aired on Thursday 1st March, and it was fab!
For those following our club news, you may be aware that we were approached to take part in a BBC4 TV programme about temperature and how it allows balloons to fly.

We were filmed at our Autumn Gold balloon meet in October, with just three of our club member's balloons. Taking centre stage, G-YUMM piloted by Harry Stringer, who takes the starring role, and supporting roles by John Till and Alex Smith.

The presenter is Dr Helen Czerski, who flew with Harry, and her series is a trilogy on temperature (From Ice to Fire). This follows on from Helenís BBC4 series on colour (In Search Of Colour) and sound (Soundwaves: the Symphony of Physics). This adventure will tell the story of the heat flows around us, the hottest and coolest matter in existence, and why we should all appreciate temperature just a little bit more. I think we do!

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