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8.33 radios reminder from Pete Donkin
8.33 Radios

The EU subsidy application closing date is the end of December - applications should be sent to the CAA before then (the money is likely to come later on as they have a large backlog to process).

This refund covers 20% of the price paid for a compatible airband handheld together with accessories such as aerials, microphones, chargers etc., one per 'Aeronautical Transportable Radio Licence' - these cost 15 for 3 years. You will need to have one for each radio you are claiming the subsidy for.

Also ICOM are offering a 50 cash-back scheme for each replacement radio (after purchase you send the old one to them to get this. The old one doesn't need to work though!)

The CAA have granted a 12 month extension for the use of 8.33 radios by balloonists and glider pilots etc but they say this is only for a 12 month period. The subsidy isn't being extended at the moment although they are trying to get that agreed.

Glen Everett has a good price for ICOM packages - see the BBAC Members Forum
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