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The Flying Man Meet
Pocklington played host to the 13th Flying Man celebrations this year with lots going on in the church.

We were based at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park again - what a lovely place with lakeside walks, open water swimming (for the very brave), all manner of water craft to hire, the singing stroller (yes really, a chap who walks around the lakes singing opera and the like at the top of his voice!), and the best bit.... the great on site cafe.

The Flying Men (and women) were cleared for take off but didn't get airborne until Sunday morning, and that nearly passed us by as briefing was cancelled the previous evening. However Alex' alarm went off, he had a look out, scratched his head, checked the met, looked again, checked other forecasts and then declared 'come on, get up, we're flying!' So he woke others up and .........

WE FLEW! Alex, Kevin Graham and Mike Bellamy took off for a spot of committee flying with Kevin announcing the speed periodically - 21 knots, 22 knots, 23 knots, etc. Mike navigating and Alex flying. Emily Read flew with her mum Judy and they bagged the Flying Man Trophy despite Alex wanting to claim it for himself. Well done Emily! We welcomed some new people along this weekend too - Daniel Osimba, Tom Pratt, and Ann and Bob Emmerson. Great to see you all and hope it isn't too long before we see you again.

Photo courtesy of Katie Whiting and Moat Gallery, Pocklington
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