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Bowes & Bells Meet
Once again we landed at Broaches Farm, Low Lane, Dalton near Richmond for the third Bowes and Bells meet.

Camping on site at this lovely little hidden gem of a site, well hidden down narrow lanes (ideal for a balloon trailer/caravan, not!) but in essence not far from the A66 so very easy to reach. Although the local highway authority kindly decided to close one side of the road as we arrived making travelling from the west a bit more difficult, but hey, we're a club full of pilots so we can all read maps........well, at least the retrieve crews can!

Photo shows Kevin Graham receiving the PRBA Bowes and Bells trophy from Alex Smith, for landing closer to a bell (supposedly) than Abi Bridge. Also the adorable Ella Graham won a prize for the fabulous crown she made for the Queen's 90th birthday next week.

We had a number of people and balloons booked in but some were put off by bad weather, illness, car problems or work commitments. Nevertheless we had a nice relaxed weekend amongst friends so thank you to those who braved the weather this weekend to join us at our Bowes and Bells balloon meet.

We had every type of weather known to man over the course of one little weekend; from snow on Friday night to glorious sunshine and beautiful blue skies on Sunday, which gave a little window to fly.

As always, we have a trophy for the winner of The Bowes and Bells pilots' challenge - the trophy awarded to the pilot to land the closest to a bell, any bell, or indeed something related to a bell.

So Sunday morning dawned with birds singing and beautiful blue skies and four pilots took off in two balloons in pursuit of the prize. Kevin Graham and Phil Traviss landed a field closer to a village than Abi and Ian Bridge, and being a village they all reckoned it would have a church and therefore probably a bell... so Kevin lifted the prize.

The meet challenge this year was in honour of our Queen's 90th birthday next week, and as she has had her crown for over 60 years, we thought it was about time she had a new one. We had an entry from Alex Smith - holly leaves woven a la 'crown of thorns' style, which proved a bit painful for Alex to model! Ella Graham also created a fabulous crown for the Queen and as it was so lovely (and not painful to wear!), Ella won!

Barnaby Smith then brainwashed Ella to keep ringing the bell trophy all the way home - poor Gill and Kevin!! So, if you see a bell lying forlorn on the grass verge somewhere between Richmond and Spennymoor..........

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