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Splash and Dash Meet ***NEW VENUE***
17/09/2021 - 19/09/2021
Fishburn Airfield, Garmondsway, Bishop Middleham DL17 9DY
Our Splash and Dash meet has a new area to go splashing and dashing around. We have decided that as our region extends over such a large area that we really ought to tempt you to visit new areas, so we are trekking north to Fishburn Airfield, Bishop Middleham, ooop north and not too far from the A1. Lots to visit and see around the area too. PRBA members can compete for the Splash and Dash trophy - the divers helmet. Always a pleasure to have on your mantelpiece! Final details are still being made as to camping etc so keep an eye on this space. REGISTRATION BY 10/09/2021 PLEASE
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Flying maps: 100
Directions/Address: Fishburn Airfield,
Bishop Middleham
DL17 9DY
Flying info: Sociable hours due to the shortening days. Level, grass launch field with easy access.
Competition: We will still have the Splash and Dash trophy up for grabs!
Social/Accommodation: Caravans, motorhomes and tents on site at 10 per night.

Contact: Alex Smith
Phone: Mobile: 07557 098124
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